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Dr. Hanna Mularkey

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Dr. Hanna Mularkey, a General Dentist originally from Winston-Salem, NC, embarked on her journey into the field of general dentistry through a serendipitous encounter at the UNC Dental School. Her need for a dental implant led her to frequent the dental school for research follow-up appointments, where she witnessed firsthand the life-transforming potential of dentistry. It was in those moments that she realized her true calling lay in this profession, prompting her to become a research assistant at the school.

Dr. Mularkey furthered her journey by becoming a research assistant at the school and completed two externships during her dental education atW. G. Hefner VA Medical Center in Salisbury, NC, and St. Mary's Health Center in Wilmington, NC, further honing her skills.

Beyond her extensive dental education, Dr. Mularkey has a deep-rooted passion for volunteering. Prior to and throughout dental school, she dedicated over 225 hours to volunteering at NC Mission of Mercy Clinics held throughout North Carolina. She also volunteered at the Samaritan Health Center and Give Kids a Smile during her undergraduate years. Currently, she continues her volunteer work by annually offering dental services to the underserved community through the North East Florida Baptist Association mobile dental unit.

During her undergraduate years, fate introduced Dr. Mularkey to her husband, Shane. Together, they made numerous trips to Jacksonville to visit Shane's family, eventually deciding to make Atlantic Beach, FL, their forever home. Outside of her profession, Dr. Mularkey finds joy in spending time with her husband, their dog Zeus, and their two sons, Carson and Brooks. They are an adventurous family, frequently engaging in outdoor activities like paddleboarding, bike riding, collecting shark's teeth, and hunting for sea glass. Their love for exploration and adventure binds them together as a close-knit family unit.


Bachelor of Arts - University of North Carolina

Doctor of Dental Surgery - University of North Carolina

Dr. Hanna Mularkey Point Meadows General Dentistry
Dr. Hanna Mularkey Family
Dr. Hanna Mularkey Family
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