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State-of-the-Art Technology

We are proud to offer the latest in dental technology at Point Meadows Dentistry.

Digital Impression Scanning

Digital impressions significantly increase efficiency, accuracy, and allows for our team to email the virtual impression rather than mailing a traditional impression or stone model. Digital impressions can also be used to make same-day dentistry restorations, thereby speeding up patient treatment completion and minimizing the need for multiple office visits.

Other benefits of digital impressions include:

  • Improved image/impression quality for better-fitting restorations

  • Minimal Chair/Office Time

  • No need for impression materials that cause patients to gag.

  • Improves accuracy and fewer errors.

  • Patients tend to appreciate the new technology and feel more informed about their treatment process. Plus, you can see what your virtual impressions looks like while chairside.

  • The digital impression can be stored electronically indefinitely and contributes to efficient recordkeeping. Not to mention the virtual files support a paper-free environment.

  • The eco-friendly aspects include eliminating the need for disposable plastic and impression materials.


Digital Radiography/X-Rays

Our Dentists use digital X-rays to provide you with accurate diagnoses and treatments that are tailored precisely to your oral health needs. 

There are multiple benefits to using digital X-rays, including:​​

  • Faster Process

  • Easy Examination of Areas Not Visually Visible

  • Accurate Diagnosis of Troubled Areas

  • Effective Treatment Planning

  • Fewer Retakes

Our team members and patients benefit from lessened exposure to radiation with the use of digital sensors. Digital X-rays produce 80-90% less radiation than traditional film radiography. Not to mention, this also makes the process faster.

We use digital X-rays to identify the following oral health problems:

  • Tooth Decay

  • Abscesses, Cysts, and Tumors

  • Developmental Abnormalities

  • Incorrect Root Positions

  • Cracked or Fractured teeth

  • Infection

  • Bone Loss


If you have questions about digital x-rays, please contact our office. 

We’re committed to giving you one more reason to smile!

- Dr. Hanna Mularkey

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