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Meet Our Team




Christine has provided exceptional dental care for her patients for over 30 years! Her favorite part of the job is helping others attain excellent oral health! Christine was born in Pensacola, Fl, however, she claims Jacksonville, FL as her hometown. Christine graduated from Robert E Lee, University of North Florida, and is also a paralegal. She has been married for 39 years with a 37-year-old son! Christine's favorite hobbies include racing, cooking, reading and anything outdoors. Ask Christine about her superpower and she might rap about it for you!




Shaleigh is originally from Jacksonville, FL attended Cherokee High School in Canton, GA and in 2010 continued onto Dental Staffing school in Marietta, GA where she quickly realized her skills were better suited in administration than dental assisting. This is also where she found her love in “being a stepping stone” toward changing patient's lives for the better. Shaliegh has a nine-year-old daughter who loves to draw her own comics and aspires to own a candy shop when she grows up. In addition to loving on her labradoodle, she loves to collect seashells and shark teeth, She loves to create anything new, meditation, tarot and astrology cards. A fun fact on Shaleigh is she is a third-generation dental professional.




Sonja has been an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant for over 30 years. Having a great dentist as a child sparked her interest in the dental field. She is a native of Jacksonville Beach and a proud graduate of Duncan U Fletcher High School. Sonja enjoys changing lives daily by helping patients improve their overall oral health and smile. She is the mother of 4 children and 2 grandsons! Sonja is also a great baker and seamstress.




Lisa is a Certified Registered Dental Hygienist that has been in the field of dentistry for over 22 years. She is also certified to provide local anesthetics. Lisa say the favorite thing about her career is getting to meet and educate her patients on long-term oral health. Originally from Mobile, Al, Lisa has lived in Japan and all over the United States. She earned her Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Dental Hygiene from St Petersburg College.


Lisa is the daughter of a retired Navy veteran, which encouraged her to follow in his footsteps. She has a brother who is an Air Force veteran and has two sisters currently serving on active duty in the US Navy. She and her husband of 21 years, who is also a Navy veteran, have three children together. A fun fact about Lisa is her love for surfing.