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What are the myths around root canal treatment?

What are the myths around root canal treatment?

It might look like a costly procedure when you see the treatment plan, but you won’t be paying for it all at once. The treatment is staggered and so are the payments. We can even look at ways of spreading certain parts of the treatment out to make it even easier.

You can generally expect one or two appointments of about 90 minutes each. The first appointment is general to remove all infection from the root system of the tooth, and on the second visit the root canal is cleaned, disinfected, shaped, measured, and filled to prevent any further infection.

If you think that removing the tooth and replacing it is cheaper, think twice, any replacement option will cost more. An extraction is always an option. And yes, it’s cheaper to take out a tooth than treat it but extraction, even of just one tooth, doesn’t end when you’ve had the tooth removed.

Post-extraction, there will be a need to replace the missing tooth, which often costs more than treating it in the first place. Although you might think you can just live with a gap in your dentition, without an adequate replacement there will be problems when surrounding teeth crowd into the space vacated by the extracted tooth. This can lead to complications with those teeth, necessitating expensive corrective procedures.

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