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How Long Does a Root Canal Take

Great question! First, let’s cover appointment times in Jacksonville, FL. Root canals for a molar will usually take an hour and a half and all other teeth will usually take about an hour. The root canal involves removing the blood supply and nerve from the tooth. Once the infection is gone, the pain usually goes away. Honestly, this part is not so different from getting a cavity filled, but we are not done yet.

A tooth that is no longer able to access the body’s blood supply will become brittle over time and is vulnerable to breakage. So, a crown is usually necessary and put in place to protect as much of the natural tooth as possible. In most cases, we will prescribe three things:

1. Root canal procedure 2. Build-up 3. Crown Build-up sounds like a pep talk, which you may feel like you need after hearing that you need a root canal. But, the build-up is actually necessary to support your tooth and the crown. It’s sort of like when you dig a hole to place a fence pole, and you always pack the hole with cement to ensure that your fence is secure. The build-up in this analogy is the cement. Root canals are actually pretty common and we treat them all the time.

Don’t play Doctor, if you are experiencing pain and are concerned that a root canal may be necessary, feel free to call our Point Meadows Dentistry office. Let us be the doctor and put an end to that nagging tooth pain!

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