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Side Effects Warning: Beautiful Smile

What are the pros to seeing your dentist on a regular basis? A beautiful healthy smile! Here are some statistics if a beautiful healthy smile isn't enough!

A whopping 92 percent of adults have had cavities at some point in their lives. One-quarter of adults have untreated tooth decay right now, and 47 percent of adults have untreated periodontal disease—the leading cause of tooth loss.

One-third of adults never floss their teeth. Men are less likely to floss than women, with 39 percent of men reporting that they never floss versus 27 percent of women.

About a third of Americans don’t brush their teeth at least twice per day. As with flossing, the ladies are ahead on this one. Although 57 percent of women brush their teeth at least twice per day, only 49 percent of men do. And 23 percent of Americans have gone two or more days without brushing in the last year. Ew!

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