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Welcome Dr. Sarah Danser to Point Meadows Dentistry!

We are thrilled to introduce Dr. Sarah Danser as the newest addition to our team at Point Meadows Dentistry in Jacksonville, FL.

General Dentist Dr. Sarah Danser

Dr. Danser is a dedicated and passionate general dentist who is committed to building honest and reliable relationships with her patients. Her goal is to ensure that every patient feels confident in her accountability and passion for dentistry, knowing they can trust her with their dental care needs.

About Dr. Sarah Danser

Education and Training:

  • Undergraduate Degree: University of Florida

  • Doctor of Dental Surgery: New York University College of Dentistry

Dr. Danser's journey into the world of dentistry began during her high school and college years when she worked as an assistant and front desk employee for a dentist she shadowed. This hands-on experience in a dental office, coupled with her strong interest in science, medicine, and art, solidified her decision to pursue a career in dentistry. She loves the dynamic environment of a dental office, appreciating its clean and safe atmosphere.

Beyond the Office

When she's not at the office, Dr. Danser enjoys a variety of activities that keep her active and engaged. She has a deep love for the beach and all its activities, including walking and running along the shore, searching for shells and shark teeth, walking her dog, surfing, and spending quality time by the ocean with friends and family. An artist at heart, she finds joy in painting with watercolors and acrylics and plans to explore oil painting as well. She also creates unique art pieces using shells and sea glass, drawing inspiration from creativity and thoughtful expression.

To stay active and healthy, Dr. Danser engages in various physical activities such as walking, Pilates, yoga, weight lifting, running, and hiking. She believes that moving her body is essential for feeling confident and happy.

"I am incredibly excited to join the team at Point Meadows Dentistry. I look forward to meeting each of you and working together to achieve your dental health goals. My approach to dentistry is centered around building trust and ensuring that my patients feel confident in the care they receive. Thank you for welcoming me to this wonderful community." -- Dr. Danser

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Sarah Danser to Point Meadows Dentistry! We are confident that her expertise and compassionate approach to dental care will make a positive impact on our practice and in the lives of our patients.

For appointments and to meet Dr. Danser, please visit our website or call our office. We look forward to seeing you soon! (904) 373-1187
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